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How do you clean a hot water bottle?

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How do you clean a hot water bottle?

As autumn nights get colder and winter comes, many of us want to use hot water bottles. When it comes to keeping warm while saving energy and living more sustainably, a good hot water bottle is simply a value recommendation.

This passage is going to talk about the following questions of hot water bottle:

(1) Precautions if using Hot Water Bottle

(2) How to clean hot water bottle?

(3) Maintain hot water bottles

1. Precautions if using hot water bottle

In order to prevent the hot water bottle from getting dirty and damaged, what should we pay attention to?

The hot water bottle should avoid contact with acids, alkalis, and oily substances. In daily life, do not touch the hot water bottle with acid, alkali or oily substances. If you accidentally touch it, please wipe it off immediately. Long-term contact with these acids, alkalis, and oily substances will shorten the service life of the hot water bottle.

Take care to avoid touching hard objects with the hot water bottle. When using the hot water bottle on weekdays, do not let it collide with hard things. Once it collides, it may leave scratches on the hot water bottle, or even cause the hot water bottle to be scratched, affecting its normal use.


2. How to clean hot water bottle?

Do not use soap when cleaning hot water bottles.

If the surface of the hot water bottle is dirty, if you want to clean it at this time, please do not wash it with soapy water, just use a clean wash and scrub. Remember to wipe dry with a cloth after washing. While waiting to dry, be careful not to bake it directly next to an open flame, otherwise it will easily age and become hard, which will shorten its service life.

Avoid hot water bottles being exposed to direct sunlight.

If you don't need to use the hot water bottle, you can put it in a cool and dry place at this time. Don't put it directly under the sun, otherwise the hot water bottle is prone to cracks or hardening. Once this happens, the hot water bottle will lose its use value.

When the hot water bottle is not in use, we can properly blow some air into the bag to fill the entire hot water bottle to prevent the rubber of the hot water bottle from sticking together due to long-term non-use. If stuck together, such a hot water bottle must be scrapped. If you insist on using it, it will definitely be unsafe.


3. How to clean the electric hot water bottle?

Electric hot water bottles are different from ordinary hot water bottles. We must be more careful when it comes to electrical equipment.

Generally speaking, you need to follow the instructions for specific operations. When cleaning the hot water bottle, be careful not to touch the water at the plug-in place to avoid leakage and danger during use. It is worth mentioning that: some electric hot water bottles have a closed cover at the power interface. After the cover is closed, avoid this place and wash with water.

If there is no cover, just use your hand to hold the power interface directly, and ask someone to help clean it with a flexible brush. You must remember not to apply too much force to wet the power supply.

Therefore, in order to prevent the electric hot water bottle from getting dirty, it is best to put a cloth cover on the outside. If it is dirty, remove the cloth cover and clean it. It is not only good-looking and convenient to use, but also can extend the service life of the electric hot water bottle. We also provide Ice Bag Pack, Personal Care, contact us now

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