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How To Use A Disposable Lancet

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How To Use A Disposable Lancet

A disposable blood lancet is also frequently referred to as a single-use lancet. When learning how to use a disposable lancet, remember that it is intended to be used once and then promptly thrown away. 

Disposable lancets are also often referred to as single-use lancets. When learning how to use a disposable lancet, remember that it is intended to be used once and then throw it away immediately.

You can use a disposable spray gun with a lancing device like Blood Lancet Pen or alone. If used correctly, they can successfully obtain capillary blood samples to monitor your blood glucose levels adequately. In rare cases, individuals can also use the puncture device to effectively obtain a few drops of blood for other necessary tests.


No matter what brand you choose, the lancet has the following characteristics:

  • Tamper-resistant, robust safety seal or mechanism

  • Various specifications available

  • Ultrafine tri bevel tip


Steps to Use a Disposable Lancet

1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water

2. Dry your hands

3. Wipe your fingertips with an alcohol swab (many people give up this step because they think it will make the blood collection process more painful)

4. Tear the safety seal on the lancet and read the instructions included

5. Select the fingertips for blood collection

6. Check your fingers - it's better to aim at the center of your fingertips, not the bull's-eye

7. Usually insert the lancet into the nozzle unit through the unique direction of the nozzle unit (if you are using a nozzle unit); This requires removing the cover from the nozzle assembly and inserting a needle. At this point, you will determine the depth of the device, and then you can effectively place the lancet on your fingertip spray gun device to start using the device's custom instructions.

8. If your disposable lancet doesn't need a lancet device, such as the easy-to-use PIP lancet, you can skip step 6.

9. With a needle, you can screw off the cover of the needle for quick use without using a puncture device.

10. When using the PIP needle, apply pressure on the fingertip, and the device will automatically start on the finger.

11. Drop a drop or two of blood on the test paper to check your blood sugar

12. Wipe the excess blood off your fingertips

13. Dispose of the needle after use. If you use a traditional lancet device, eject the lancet to dispose of it, and repeat the device for future use.


Tips How to Reduce Fingertip Pain When Using a Disposable Lancet

  • A properly designed lancet does not cause excessive pain when used correctly, although some people are more sensitive to the sting of a needle than others. However, when using a disposable lancet, you can take some measures to reduce the pain at your fingertips.

  • As mentioned above, in the step of how to use disposable lancet, test on one side of fingertip instead of directly in the middle.

  • Before fingertip penetration, rub hands quickly and massage to improve blood circulation.

  • Don't press the lancet into your fingertips.

  • Avoid using your index finger or thumb all the time because they are the fingers you often use in your daily life.

  • Alternate fingers in each test so that the same finger is not used continuously during the test.

  • Always use disposable lancets - do not reuse lancets.


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