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How To Find Reliable Overseas Suppliers

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How To Find Reliable Overseas Suppliers

If you've been thinking about starting a business, you may brainstorm your ideas, such as using one of the products that already have a lot of demand in the market.

However, many entrepreneurs find that when it comes to the real source of products, they encounter a brick wall. No matter what you plan to make yourself, or look for suppliers from wholesale, good products are not always easy to find.

In this article, we will introduce the basic knowledge of purchasing suppliers for your next project. We'll give you some local ideas and check how you should approach suppliers and what to ask them when developing products for your e-commerce.

A Reliable Supplier is one of the key factors for your business development. As we all know, cost saving is one of the main advantages of overseas procurement. Many foreign suppliers and manufacturers provide services at competitive prices, especially in low-cost areas. For enterprises with a tight budget, choosing overseas suppliers is a good way to maximize profits.

Besides the cheaper unit price, other factors will also tilt the scale to overseas procurement. For instance:

You can choose a large number of potential suppliers

Obtain raw materials that may not be available in domestic

Compared with domestic products, the product quality may be higher

Proximity to Manufacturing capacity that may not be available domestically


What Makes a Good Supplier?

The following four characteristics help you quickly identify potential suppliers.

The first is price. Of course, price is very important. Choosing a supplier is like choosing a growing business. The price of every purchase is closely related to the profit you can get.

After price, reliability may be a key factor in finding suppliers. Good suppliers will deliver the right amount of goods on time as promised so that they arrive intact.

Stability is another key indicator. As an overseas buyer, what we most want to face is the manufacturer or the trader who has his factory. To reduce the intermediate links as much as possible to obtain the best price and service. This is a necessary step for the buyer to select the final partner. The unique advantage of the factory is that it has advantageous technical resources, can make technical improvements and upgrade in time according to the needs of customers, can better control the production cycle, control the cost, and so on. But for traders, there are also unique advantages that manufacturers do not have. Traders are often more professional in foreign trade knowledge and risk control. In the process of export, almost 80% of the orders will have this or that problem, whether subjective or objective. Often foreign trade companies can always give the most timely and professional solutions. Then, as an overseas buyer, whether to choose a manufacturer or a trader, the most important factor is to ensure stability and reliability in the whole trade process. We should sign contracts with suppliers who have been in business for a long time and whose business will not change frequently. Sometimes “update” is not a good sign, is it?

Reputation is a key indicator of suppliers as well. Take a look at the customers that the suppliers you are considering have served. Generally speaking, the suppliers that have served large enterprises have a certain strength.

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