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Hot Water Bottles Care and Safe Use Guide

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Hot Water Bottles Care and Safe Use Guide

Hot  Water Bottles are widely used to keep warm or relieve pain. They are made of rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). If you put the hot water bottle directly on the skin, it may cause burns. These burns are severe and occur gradually, and usually, users do not feel these burns until too late. Therefore, the safety of using hot water bottles is an issue that everyone must pay attention to.

This passage is going to talk about the following questions of hot water bottle safety:

(1) Points to note when using a hot water bottle?

(2) Where should the hot water bottle be placed on the bed?


(1) Points to note when using a hot water bottle:

1.Do not fill the hot water bottle, and do not use boiling water or hot tap water.

2.Please check the hot water bottle before use and throw it away if it leaks, is cracked, damaged, fragile, frayed, or faded.

3.Always use a hot water bottle cap or wrap the hot water bottle with a towel or fabric to prevent direct contact with the skin.

4.Do not lie, rest or exert pressure or weight on the hot water bottle.

5.Hang the hot water bottle upside down, and remove the stopper in a dark, dry place to store the hot water bottle, and make sure the inside and outside are completely dry before storing.


(2) Where should the hot water bottle be placed on the bed?

For a single bed, the best position is in the center to heat the middle area. It is best to leave it for about 15 minutes before going to bed. After putting it on the bed, if you don’t need it, you can remove the bottle or move the bottle to the bottom of the bed to keep your toes warm and comfortable.

For double beds, king-size beds, or queen-size beds, you may need a larger bottle. It is recommended that you use a 2.7-liter jumbo water bottle or a Long Hot Water Bottle.


(3) Can I use a hot water bottle to sleep safely?

For those who are worried that they might accidentally roll onto the bottle, try moving it to the edge of the bed so that if you roll, it will slide harmlessly or move to the bottom to keep your feet warm.

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