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Guides About How to Keep Old People Warm With Hot Water Bag

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Guides About How to Keep Old People Warm With Hot Water Bag

Hot water bag, which is a common warm-keeping tool, has always been popular in our winter life and has never been forgotten. You can fill the Hot Water Bag with hot water before going to bed, and then put it in your arms or feet, and you can sleep safely. Today, I'd like to share with you how to use hot water bags to keep the elderly warm.

1. Work preparation

(1) Environmental preparation. The environment is clean and the temperature and humidity are suitable.

(2) Nurse preparation. Clean clothes and wash hands.

(3) Old people are ready. The old people should lie on their backs and cover-up.

(4) Item preparation. Skill requirements of the same learning unit

2. Communication

To evaluate the physical condition of the elderly, whether there are sensory and motor dysfunction, whether the pain and temperature are decreased or disappeared, and whether there is skin damage. Explain to the elderly that hot water bags will be used to keep them warm for cooperation.

3. Place a hot water bag

Bring a hot water bag to the bed of the elderly, lift the cover, and put it 10 cm away from the foot or body. Inform the elderly of the location of the hot water bag. Remind the elderly to avoid touching their limbs and feel uncomfortable when changing their position, and press the pager to inform the nurse. During the placement of the hot water bag, the nurse should make an inspection every 15 minutes.

4. Take out the hot water bag and heat it for 30-60 minutes.

(1) Check the temperature of the Hot Water Bag and ask the elderly if they continue to use it (need to change the hot water)

(2) Observe whether the old people's limbs near the hot water bag are warm and whether the skin is red blisters and other signs of low-temperature burns. (3) Assist the elderly to take a comfortable sleeping position, cover the quilt tightly and make the bed.

The nurse empties the water in the hot water bag, hangs it upside down to dry, and then blows in the air. Tighten the plug and put it in a cool and dry place for standby.

6. Record the nurses' washing hands and the use of hot water bags. The record contents include the time of hot water bag storage, the time of hot water bag removal, the general and local conditions of the elderly after heat use.

Precautions: 1. In the process of using a hot water bag for the elderly, the nurse should make an inspection every 15 minutes. In case of scald, stop using immediately, cool down locally, and report in time. 2. The elderly should avoid using heat for a long time, and the appropriate time is 30-60 minutes. 3. When the elderly use a hot water bag, the water temperature should be adjusted to 50 ℃. The hot water bag should be put into a cloth cover or wrapped with a towel to avoid direct contact with skin and avoid scalding.

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