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Guide to Keeping Warm with a Hot water bottle

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Guide to Keeping Warm with a Hot water bottle

If you live in a snowy place and there is no hot water bottle at the foot of your bed, please consider again. The hot water bottles do not have these shortcomings and can make your feet more roasted. No, I'm not talking about drinking a bottle of hot water, although it will be in a pinch. We are talking about bottles designed for keeping warm.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of hot water bottle:

(1) How to use hot water bottles

(2) Is the hot water bottle safe to use?

(3) Smart precautions for hot water bottle use


(1) How to use hot water bottles

On an average winter night or a stormy night, I would heat some water on the stove and fill the hot water bottle with hot water. (It is best not to use boiling water, wait for it to cool down) Pour the water carefully, and then tighten the cap. If you have a cute knit for hot water bottles, please wear it.

The lid of the hot water bottle absorbs all the water that drips to the outside of the bottle, but more importantly, it prevents heat from escaping too quickly. If you roll up the bottle in a bath towel and place it and yourself under a heavy blanket, you will get the most roasted toes. It may even be warm in the morning. I like the blanket under the duvet under the normal quilt. At this time, you can't wait to lie in bed with a hot water bottle and wait for the snow.


(2) Is the hot water bottle safe to use?

Yes, just use and maintain them responsibly. All our hot water bottles are manufactured in accordance with safety standards. Before use, check your hot water bottles to make sure the stopper is tightened and kept in place. After that, please check regularly for signs of wear, damage and leakage. If you have questions about the hot water bottle, please do not use it.

Any guarantee provided on the hot water bottles is only against manufacturing defects. It does not include degradation due to misuse, incorrect storage or accidental damage, all of which can be detected by checking the returned bottles.


(3) Smart precautions for hot water bottle use

After the hot water bottles is full, do not sit, lie on it or apply excessive pressure to the hot water bottles.

Do not directly touch an area of the body for more than 20 minutes.

Do not allow babies under 36 months or unsupervised children to use hot water bottles. If you suffer from latex allergy, do not use rubber hot water bottles.

For safety reasons, responsible adults should always fill the thermos bottle with no more than two-thirds of water.

Always fill the hot water bottle with boiling water and let it cool in a kettle (or pot) for a minute or two. Using boiling water or just boiling water creates a risk of splashing. It is recommended not to use tap water when filling a thermos bottle because it contains minerals and impurities that are discharged during the boiling process. These minerals and impurities will accumulate in the thermos and cause its premature degradation.

Everyone has different tolerance to heat, so skin sensitivity should be considered when using a hot water bottle, but it should feel comfortable. Heat does not burn.

We strongly recommend that you always use a lid for your thermos, especially when it is used by children, the elderly, or people who are sensitive or lack sensation on the skin.

Unless otherwise noted, most of the installed covers can be hand washed with a neutral detergent. Some lids can be machine washed at 40 degrees, which will be specified in "Additional Details" on the product listing page. We do not recommend cleaning the 3D cover, just clean the surface with a wet sponge. We also provide Ice Bag Pack, Personal Care, contact us now


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