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Electric Hot Water Bottle Types and Use

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Electric Hot Water Bottle Types and Use

Have cold feet on winter nightsor easy to get cold or stiffness as weather changes? Today I want to share with you a good thing Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle, which helps me through the cold winter. This article will let you know more about the electric water bag.


Electric Hot Water Bag Types

Electric Hot Water Bags can be divided into two types according to material, Mercerized Cotton Electric Hot Water Bag and Flannel Electric Hot Water Bag. Their inner layers are made of Waterproof PVC, which can effectively keep warm and prevent water overflow. Its charging time is very short, only 8-12 minutes. Depending on the use environment, it can be used for 2-8 hours after charging, which can fully meet the needs of daily use.


Mercerized Cotton Electric Hot Water Bag

Mercerized Cotton Electric Hot Water Bag has a smooth and shiny surface on both sides. Printed patterns on the bag can be customized. Its capacity is usually around 1L. This kind of electric water bag is the cheapest.


Flannel Electric Hot Water Bag

This electric water bag is made of flannel, and some models include a pocket for warming your hands. The price of a flannel electric water bag is generally a little higher.


How Does Electric Hot Water Bag Work?

For easy transportation, the electric hot water bag is not filled with water. Therefore, you need to fill this hot water bottle about 2/3 full at the first time. You can use the nozzle included to fill in cold water. Once this is done, you can continue to plug the bag into the power supply. The heating element in the electric water bag will start heating water and can be used in about 8-12 minutes. Most of these bags have an automatic cut-off function, which cuts off the power supply of the heating element when the temperature exceeds the threshold. This is the basic working principle of electric water bags. They are completely safe. After the first use, you do not need to fill it again.


Our company has 8 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting electric hot water bags, and we have our factory with product qualification, quality assurance, and low prices. In addition to electric hot water bags, we offer Rubber Hot Water Bottles and Plastic Hot Water Bottles, both of which can be customized with custom colors, logo printing, and paper boxes. Please Contact us right away if you are interested!

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