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Do face masks curb coronavirus spread?

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Do face masks curb coronavirus spread?

A study from Denmark released to the public last month was being shared as an evidence that masks are not effective in slowing the covid-19 pandemic.

Critics pointed out that the study concluded that masks were not as effective as traditional assumptions in protecting masked people.

But that doesn’t mean that masks are useless in curbing the spread of coronavirus. The researchers said within the study report.

The study was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine journal on Wednesday. If you read through it, you’ll find that researchers assembled a group of people in Denmark and gave half of them disposable surgical masks to wear, while the other half did not. At the end of the study, they tested the participants’ covid-19 antibody and found that 1.8% of the masked group was infected with covid-19, while 2.1% of the nonmasked group were infected with the disease. The researchers say their findings contradict the assumption that masks can reduce your risk of contracting covid-19 by 50%.

Experts have urged the public to wear masks to prevent the wearer from unknowingly spreading the virus to others. The study only paid attention to the possibility of masks protecting their wearers, and in the case that most ordinary people do not wear masks themselves.

Recent studies have shown that masks play an important role in covid-19 in the United States. A study by Vanderbilt University at the end of October found that in Tennessee, the rate of hospitalization rose faster in counties without a mask authorization than in counties with regulations in the state. The study found that counties with the highest proportion of people wearing masks had the lowest hospitalization rates.

So, the recent study in Denmark shows that masks have limited protection for the wearer. But these findings do not suggest that masks are useless. One of the potential benefits of masks is that it reduces the possibility of the wearer transmitting the virus to others. However, other studies have found that masks can inhibit the spread of covid-19.

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