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Covid19 Tests Require Filter Tips

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Covid19 Tests Require Filter Tips

Pipettes are commonly used in laboratories to measure small volumes of liquids during experiments. Pipettes are carefully chosen by researchers to meet their needs, be ergonomic, and of high quality and performance.

It is also important to consider as much as possible when deciding on the best pipette model to choose.

To ensure that a pipette works properly, select tips that are chemically compatible and fit the pipette properly, allowing the user to conduct experiments with ease. Users should avoid purchasing low-quality pipette tips because they may not be chemically compatible.

The basic purpose of the Filter Pipette Tip, also known as the aerosol barrier tip, is to protect the pipette from aerosols and the inhalation of volatile or viscous solutions, thus avoiding pipette contamination and damage. The filter tip is pre-sterilized, DNase/RNase free, and mounted on the proximal portion of the filter tip.

Filter tips serve two functions: they protect the pipette from aerosols and they protect the sample from aerosols.

Because of their functionality, filtered tips are extremely valuable for ultrasensitive applications such as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). The filter barrier prevents cross-contamination by removing the possibility of carrying over the sample from the pipette, providing the user with reliable results.

Filter tips can also help new researchers conduct proper studies. New lab members frequently aspirate the reagent directly into the pipette, contaminating the pipette.

To avoid this, a filter tip should be fitted on the pipette, as it is cheaper to discard the filter tip than to send the pipette for repair.

Pipette Tips are commonly used in laboratories for a variety of purposes. They can meet a variety of performance requirements, such as high accuracy and tolerable reagent dispensing. A standard pipette tip, on the other hand, may not have low retention, resulting in cross-contamination. However, as previously stated, filter tips eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, making them suitable for sensitive applications such as clinical diagnostics.

Filter tips are also intended to prevent the formation of small liquid or solid particles known as aerosols.

This is a significant benefit because aerosols can remain in the air for a long time and be inhaled by laboratory users, leading to infection.

With the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic growing by the day, it is critical to effectively test people for the virus. Pathologists must ensure that the sample and testing equipment are not contaminated by the virus when detecting such high-stakes and critical diseases, which is why Filter Pipette Tips are the best option.

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