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Can You Use a Hot Water Bottle When Pregnant?

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Can You Use a Hot Water Bottle When Pregnant?

When the weather gets cold, many people use Hot Water Bottles to keep warm. Can pregnant women use hot water bags during pregnancy? This post will discuss whether pregnant women can keep warm with a hot water bottle, and suggestions on how to warm up when pregnant.

In cold seasons, pregnant women can use hot water bottles to keep warm. But for safety during pregnancy, please avoid using it on your abdomen. Because the fetus is extremely sensitive to high temperatures during the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women should avoid overheating their abdomen with hot water bottles during early pregnancy and instead maintain a normal temperature. Besides, high temperatures can easily cause uterine contractions, alter fetal position, and even result in fetal malformation or abortion.

When pregnant women use the hot water bottle, they can cover their feet with it or place it in the quilt, then remove it once the quilt is warm. Make sure the hot water bottle is not too close to the abdomen. Furthermore, you can stay warm in winter by adjusting the room temperature appropriately, wearing cotton slippers, soaking your feet, wearing loose and warm clothing, and so on. 


Is It Safe for Pregnant Women to Use Electric Hot Water Bottles?

Some pregnant women worry that the electric water bag will p2roduce radiation, which is not good for the growth of the fetus. Pregnant women can use Rechargeable Hot Water Bottles. But not use when the electric water bag is charging, it should be kept away as far as possible. Secondly, the electric water bag can not be directly placed on the abdomen or waist, especially pregnant women within 3 months of pregnancy.


Precautions for Pregnant Women to Keep Warm

1. Avoid Using Adhesive Body Warmer

Although body warmer is a great help in winter, however, it is not suitable for everyone, especially pregnant women and children. If pregnant women stick the body warmer on the part facing the uterus, it may lead to uterine contraction and affect the fetus. In serious cases, it may lead to fetal malformation and premature delivery. Pregnant women, especially those within 3 months of pregnancy, should not overheat their abdomen. It is best to keep a normal temperature.


2. Avoid Using Electric Blankets

Electric blankets can emit high levels of radiation, so pregnant women had better use them carefully. When using an electric blanket, not laying on the soft mattress, otherwise the electric heating wire is easy to stretch, break, and leakage. It is suitable to turn on the electric blanket before going to bed and turn it off when going to bed.

If you require any further information on Hot Water Bottle Products for Pregnant Womanfeel free to Contact us.

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